Hertford Road

Project: Hertford Road, Hackney

Contract Sum: £16.5m

Contract: JCT 2011, Competitive Tender

Client: Metropolitan Housing

Is a development of 125 apartments and maisonettes of 70% open market sale with values ranging from £300k to £700k including S106 obligations to deliver affordable SO and rented properties. High density development up to 8 storeys to CFSH level 4. The Environmental strategy focused upon high levels of insulation, cladding the frame,   reclamation and reuse of materials arising from demolition and clearance and selection of Green Guide products, green and brown roofs, ecological landscaping and CHP communal systems.  Significant obstacles overcome were working alongside 2 canals, obtaining British Waterways technical approval for temporary and permanent construction proposals and managing these through with the selected contractor detailed design and the works. The S106 Agreement demanded delivery of the phased handover to ensure affordable properties completed ahead of the private properties. The competitive procurement process selected the preferred contractor and delivered the project with the programme and cost plans, monitoring whole life cycle efficiencies and high sales values from the outset. We completed the project within programme and agreed the final account within budget.